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Which company offers the best STO marketing services
« on: January 04, 2020, 01:46:47 PM »

STO- Security token offering is also a process of fundraising like ICO, where the investor is issued a coin or a token to represent the investments. The major difference between STO and ICO  is that STOs comes along with some regulatory conditions according to specific regions. This is one of the important reasons why STOs are more preferable to the customers currently, as it ensures stability and security for their investments. To market the STO effectively is equally important as to developing one, to survive and stand out from the competitors. The services offered by STO marketing companies to promote your STO are as follows:

Effective and informative whitepaper
Efficient/ Easily navigable website
Content marketing- Blogs, articles explaining the STO
Social media marketing through various platforms like facebook, telegram, Reddit
Influencer marketing- Paid promotions by an influencer in various platforms
Video marketing / Youtube vlogging
PR campaigns/ Press releases
Community Building
Effective branding structure
Bounty programs

One of the best STO marketing services companies to provide the above-mentioned services is Blockchain App Factory, as they work with a team of dedicated and experienced developers who have successfully completed several projects and will provide A-Z marketing solutions for STO, from research to consultation, marketing strategies that suit the current needs of the customers, proxy marketing, etc. The most interesting part is, all these services are offered at the best affordable prices in the market.


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Fantastic knowledge Kudos.

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Re: Which company offers the best STO marketing services
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I've only heard about security token lately but did not give any attention to it since I only knew ICOs. So far, the difference between the two was carefully explained and thanks for additional knowledge today. Goodluck to your marketing business.