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The rising popularity of blockchain, cryptocurrency applications uplifts the DApps too! The DApps(Decentralized Applications) are considered as the next-gen revolution of the technological world. The decentralized nature of applications powered by the blockchain framework works completely differently from the traditional Android and iOS apps.

Decentralized applications neglect the centralized governance, intermediaries, and other third parties associated with the business model. The transactions and traversing of information or money in DApps happens directly between peers from different parts of the world.

In this blog post, let's explore the architecture of DApps, how it is different from traditional apps, and the best platforms to build the DApp business model!

Architecture of DApps(Decentralized Applications)

Blockchain DApp development for your business requires no permission or authorization from any organization. The Dapps can be built by abiding the rules of the blockchain framework.

Every application has two major components: front and back end. The front end of the DApps is similar to traditional apps, whereas the backend codes mark a significant difference. The Dapps are built on a decentralized, P2P blockchain network. The front end of the decentralized application can vary depending on the developer's choice. Blockchain developers can choose any of the coding languages in the front end of the DApp to pass API signals to the backend!
It may be a bit confusing to understand the differences between DApps and traditional apps! Here's the bang of mess!

Difference between DApps & Traditional Apps

The significant difference in DApps and traditional apps is that decentralized applications are built on the immutable blockchain framework. Deploying the application in the blockchain framework requires rigorous testing and bug fixing. The smart contract protocols, code, and other functionalities deployed on the blockchain network with decentralized applications are tough to be modified.
Modifications in the DApps takes immense effort, computing power, money. The security threats and bugs in the decentralized applications can disrupt the entire functionality on deployment. Unlike dapps, traditional apps can be updated to a distinct number of versions with advanced features. Hence, developing the DApp from a professional development service is a wiser choice! This can save you from billion worth hacks!

Now, let's explore the best platforms to develop a blockchain DApp for your enterprise!

Best Blockchain Platform to build DApp


Ethereum stands at the top of the list as it's the ergonomic open-source platform that is preferred by most of the blockchain developers. Ethereum is the most used platform by the blockchain developers and it renders the best community support on programming languages. Solidity, Ethereum's programming language has extensive reference documentation, which is an added advantage for the novice developers.


EOS is an open-source blockchain platform that is powered by native cryptocurrency EOS. EOS platform affords decentralized storage, smart contract protocols, and other features to the DApps. This blockchain platform works on delegate proof-of-staking instead of a proof-of-concept with a consensus goal. The entrepreneurs looking for better scalability can pick EOS platform than Ethereum, bitcoin platforms.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric established by Linux and IBM developers suits best for permissioned blockchain DApps development. This platform supports modular architecture and is utilized to build community DApps software.
Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth suits best for a modular application architecture of both permissioned and permissionless blockchain platforms. The hyperledger sawtooth has scaled up the security, privacy, network and much more features.


You have grabbed an extensive knowledge on heading towards a hassle-free DApps business model and the leading blockchain platforms to build them. Soon, we look forward to launching your next-gen business model with a decentralized application enriched with security, transparency, devoid of errors and third-parties!

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