Author Topic: Learn how to execute credible marketing strategies for your STO  (Read 114 times)


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In this digitally evolving world, crypto businesses are making huge rounds in the market. Especially, STO, which is the abbreviation for security token offering, is considered as the most preferable fundraising method by crypto entrepreneurs for their startups.  Investors are issued with tokens/ coins which they sell to raise funds for their business. STOs are regulated and are backed by real-world assets value which is the reason it is preferable by investors.

With the widespread demand and popularity, you cannot stop with carrying out a legitimate STO development. It is also mandatory to carry sound marketing for your STO, to create awareness among potential investors in the market, widen your scope, sustain and stand out from the existing competitors. To do it in the most effective and unique way, the best choice is to hire a well experienced STO marketing agency. This is because they will be well aware of the current market needs, and provide solutions that rightly fit them to drive customers towards your STO. Letís take a look at what marketing services they will offer for your STO.
STO marketing services:

A creative, legitimate whitepaper with every detail regarding the STO
An efficiently designed, easy-navigable website
Content marketing through blogs, articles, forums, posts
Social media marketing through platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc
Telegram Marketing
Influencer marketing
Email marketing and newsletters
Press releases and media exposure
Bounty programs
Paid marketing- pay-per-click
Community building

One of the top STO marketing companies to provide these services in the most reliable and effective manner is Blockchain App Factory. This is because they have some of the most experienced marketing leaders, who will provide solutions according to the market needs which will widen your scope among global investors. They cover everything from STO marketing consultation services to building an effective marketing structure that will make a mark for your STO over your competitors. The services are also cost-effective. Contact them and make your STO viral!