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PROJECT INTRODUCTION is the world’s first decentralised recreational and competitive game platform.
It is based on the blockchain decentralisation technology to guarantee games being equal and transparent, as well as the convenient and secure settlement.
FishHunter, a blockchain fishing, is the first game on the platform which players in the game are able to do free mining, set up fleets, enhance the hashrate of captain.
A variety of game behaviors can increase players’ hashrate that decides the daily calculation of the power to pay rewards.
Then, the platform will open a variety of mining games to establish a diversified game mining ecology. platform currency is named as FIS

Game Mining: A New Business Model
  • 1.Free Mining: Giving FIS token as rewards to free players’ game behaviour to motivate more enthusiasm of players which create possibility of national mining, as well as attract a mass of users to join in the platform.

    2. Improving the Hashrate of Captain: Providing several functions within the game to enhance hashrate. Improving hashrate of games can obtain more FIS tokens. While users grow up in the game, can directly acquire the FIS as income. Therefore, users are not only the contributor to create game prosperity, but is also the winner of benefit due to platform development, which indirectly urges users to preserve benefits of the platform and promotes its development, in order to gain more income and form a positive development.

    3. Set up fleets: Inviting friends to constitute fleet and contribute on development of the fleet together. Thus, users establish the strong connection, enhancing overall competition ability of the game.

    4. Community Management Mechanism Transformation: Distributed management methods. Different fleets can establish their own communities relying on their respective advantages to independently develop and continuously expand. platform can provide a certain amount of financial support for well-developed communities that can apply to be nodes of platform and participate in the management and development plan of the entire platform.
    Comment: Free mining model will attract a huge number of new users. Also, rewarding users FIS token can significantly motivate more game behaviours. Fleet and community program lay the foundation of subsequent distributed development. A large number of tokens are distributed to different games in platform, so that a great amount of users holding tokens will promote the community to stably move forward.
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