Author Topic: Benefits of Blockchain Powered Crowdfunding for Real Estate  (Read 426 times)


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Benefits of Blockchain Powered Crowdfunding for Real Estate
« on: August 16, 2019, 10:35:24 AM »
A real estate crowdfunding platform enables real estate companies to attract funds from a variety of investors. Investors use such platforms to evaluate projects and invest directly. It serves as a marketplace where entrepreneurs and investors engage each other with secured transactions.   

Blockchain-powered Crowdfunding Platform

A real estate crowdfunding platform can be used by property developers to showcase their project scope, potential, capital requirements, and profit shares to attract investors. Similarly, investors can identify profitable opportunities to make sound investments. The platform makes it faster and easier for both parties to fulfill each otherís requirements. 

Investors who use blockchain-powered crowdfunding platforms receive precise inputs about expected returns and exit period to invest and gain shares in projects. Such platforms play a critical role in ensuring transparency in real estate dealings for investors.

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