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Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions
« on: November 22, 2019, 09:05:08 AM »
Crypto is all the rage, as its reputation has spread beyond tech circles. Particular places have started to prefer crypto over fiat currencies for regular transactions.

Certain analysts still predict that crypto will eventually supplant fiat. Its volatility notwithstanding, cryptocurrencies are still thriving and there is a lot of space for brand new ventures to take a slice of the pie. Well help you get an understanding of the nuances involved in developing your own cryptocurrency exchange, and the potential costs.

Cryptocurrency exchange variants

Understanding the various types of cryptocurrency exchanges is a prerequisite to the development of Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange software.

Direct platforms provide tools for brokering immediate deals. Traders establish their own exchange rates.
Brokerage platforms are for purchasing tokens/currencies set by a crypto agent.
Aside from this, crypto funds platforms that are investment tools with professional management.

Tools required to develop an exchange

Order lists are required, this represents all transactions made by market players
Charts display volatility indices
A comprehensive history of the most lucrative transactions for qualitative analysis

Determination of budget/time constraints

Exchange software is complex, development/debugging can take more than a year
Wages are dependent on task complexity
A team of specialists is needed; such a team requires extensive investment of resources

The process

Creating a user account is critical. Usually, on a user profile, the client should be identified, and there should be an option for the deposit and withdrawal of currencies. Investors can manipulate their market positions.

An aggregator is essential. With this, users can create their own coins or tokens and put it on the list of assets. They process massive amounts of data each second and as a result, its pretty expensive.
Trading kernels are essential. Without one, the exchange cannot function. The purpose of the trading kernel is to develop the order book, execute the transaction, and calculate the balance.

A user-friendly interface is critical. The design should invoke attention and keep people coming back for more. Mobile and app-friendly design is key. Custom-made apps are recommended.

Required features on the interface

Swift registration
Withdrawal/deposits of crypto and fiat
Access to trading accounts
Booking history/review of past transactions
Monitoring of statistics
Customer support, 24/7
Vibrant infographics and charts

Creation of wallets

This is indispensable for crypto development. It is to store crypto and ensure the security of wallets. To minimize risks, wallets should be divided into hot and cold wallets.

Hot wallets permit the exporting of crypto to an external wallet. Withdrawn money does not need the approval of the exchange administrator in hot wallets. Cold wallets contain unused coins or tokens.


While cryptocurrency exchange development prices may appear expensive, it should be noted that growth is expected over the next few years. The market is still nascent, which leaves a lot of prospects for growth.